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To my fellow adopt or character makers-
Do you ever end up using way more colors than you intended so when you put the color palette on it it takes an hour or more b/c you used 15 colors instead of the 5 that you meant to
Hey everyone, a friend of mine irl kaeteol recently joined DA and she needs some watchers! She takes really good pictures and her art style is so chibi and cute ;u;

Ya'll should also check out bubblinggin ! I don't know where to begin with you Bubbles oml. She is super duper nice and lookie at that art! Personally I look up to her art because of how nice it is and how nice she is. 

And the best for last, HunterShadowWolf ! B/c I can't leave ya out Jacks ;D He's like the awesome-est person I know and he makes really beautiful characters! Not to mention how absolutely kind he is.

Everyone here deserves some more love from everyone! <3
Tagged by abriannawolfruler ;u;

If we lived together...  Home Tip Smile Icon 

[ ] argue all the time
[ ] Lovin` (wink wink)
[ ] watch movies
[ ] prank call
[ ] chat
[ ] Do nothing much
[ ] play fight
[ ] cuddle
[ ] kiss
[ ] throw a party
[ ] Make out
[ ] whatever you want 
[ ] I wouldn't want to live with you

 If we kissed by accident, I would... Kitten Kiss  

[ ] gonna be like Kiara xD  Did We Just 
[ ] bite your lip softly 
[ ] kiss you back
[ ] slap you
[ ] laugh about it a weirdo 
[ ] stand there wondering if I should kiss you again
[ ] it wouldn't happen
[ ] it'll never ever ever ever happen, so don't get your hopes up
[ ] lock my fingers in between yours
[ ] stand there like what the corn muffins are you doing 
[ ] let you keep it
[ ] pull away
[ ] idk ._.

 If you hugged me, I would...  Hughug 

[ ] hug back
[ ] push away
[ ] be shocked
[ ] I wouldn't hug you 
[ ] yeah
[ ] maybe
[ ] nahhhhh
[ ] i don't know you that well xD
[ ] nayh we're brosss!
[ ] already have

 If we walked home together, I'd...  Rue Grin 

[ ] hold your hand
[ ] push you in a bush
[ ] trip you and run
[ ] give you a Big hug 8D
[ ] have a heart to heart conversation
[ ] act like idiots and prank people in the dark : P

 Would I date you?  Grey Kitten-Lmfao friendly 

[ ] yeah
[ ] maybe
[ ] nahhhhh
[ ] i don't know you that well xD
[ ] nayh we're brosss!
[ ] already have

 In 10 years, I see you...  Happy Bunny 1 - Beemote 

[ ] pregnant 
[ ] a famous person
[ ] model
[ ] crackhead
[ ] same as now
[ ] athlete
[ ] party every night
[ ] in university

 I can see us...  Thomas the Tank Engine Chat Icon 

[ ] living together
[ ] being close
[ ] not talking
[ ] married
[ ] chilling
[ ] partying together

 You should...  Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 

[ ] talk to me more
[ ] chill with me
[ ] write on my wall
[ ] stop being a stranger
[ ] text me
[ ] call me
[ ] skype with me
[ ] put this as your journal so i can comment on it 


Sagethewolfblooded's Profile Picture
United States
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Sage | Gender Symbols - Female by TwinkJinx | Asexual Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes | Wiccan Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes | Arrow right by Drawn-Mario

Pokemon Go Team Mystic Motto by OtakuDragon-RedWolf

That's all you'll need to know :D

Welcome to my wall of friends

:iconhuntershadowwolf: :icondannysuniverse: :iconbubblinggin: :iconsharpie-trash: :iconyannabanana12:

Because, yes, I surprisingly do have friends.

I guess to kinda start stuff off, hi! Not sure how you got here, did a friend recommend you to my page? Or did you click random deviant? Perhaps you just wanted to be friends with someone random? Well, no matter how you got here, I'm glad that you are! Unless you're that one troll that keeps bothering my friends and I, then please leave because you are on my last nerve, you bloody child.
I am an Early College student, but don't let that deter you from talking to me! I'm not snooty or snobby life you'd probably think. In fact, I think that I am rather open and immature at times! Then there's also the times when I complain...don't mind those times. I just need somewhere to scream my frustrations because I can't at home. I also use the XD and :D faces a lot. I love talking to people, but I am usually not the one to start the conversation because I am introverted. Once I get to know you though, I might annoy you with how much I talk XD
I still really can't draw very well, but I can design things! I'm always open to a collab if anyone wants, but you have to do the lines/find the base that we'll use. I also have cats, so there might be a bunch of pictures of them here sometimes, especially if new kittens are born. A lot of the times, I'll just post random things that have happened to me during the day so get ready for my random story times! I am also a writer, and I want to have a side career as an author. I want to be a veterinarian, but I don't think I'd have the heart to do it in case an animal dies..I might become a nurse, like for humans and stuff.
And as a precaution, I do curse a lot. It isn't even funny how much I curse. But if you don't want me cursing in conversations with you (such as if something amazing happened and I said something like Fuck yeah! or Holy fucking shit) then just let me know and I won't. But in things on my profile such as journals/statuses/deviations then I will because...well, it's my page. I can if I want to. If it bothers you, then you can skip over it. Sorry to say, but it's the truth.

I might add stamps or something later. Meh.

I have a bank account called STWB-Bank-Account and an adopt account called WolfBloodAdopts

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I need points because my point bag has a giant hole it in

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125 :points: = 25 comments on any of your deviations, 35 faves, a llama, a watch, and you can choose up to 10 free adopts from my adopt account WolfBloodAdopts

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Vitilo Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Golden Days by Vitilo   tysm again
Sagethewolfblooded Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016
It's so beautiful! I love it so much, take good care of Plum ;u;
Vitilo Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
tysm again and iwill
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Your YCH is done! :D
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Hello! I have 98 points, I put together 400 for my first core! I would be very grateful if I could donate even 20 or 30 points! because I want to be core, and decorate my deviantart!
Thank you in advance!
Kisses. x
Sagethewolfblooded Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016
I'm sorry, but no. I would also appreciate it if you didn't ask me for points, because I made them through my own accord and you should too.
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Commission has been finished:, colored and shaded.
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